One Question Conference: Summary

⚡️ #OneQuestion: Can we really trust technology? ft. @Whatleydude @jeremywaite @twae @pav @OneQuestionConf & more 👉 — Ally DowsingReynolds (@digit_ally) May 17, 2017

Don’t be too sassy in social

3/4 of consumers believe there’s value in brands exhibiting humour on social but only 1/3 actually want brands to bring on the snark full force…

Young people are using 4+ social networks – should your brand?

Global Web Index recently (today!) published some data showing that young people (I’m trying to get out of the habit of calling them Millennials) are using, on average, 4+ social networks actively (used in the

What teens don’t like about Facebook

Pew Research Center have released facts about Facebook, including one that debunks the theory that Facebook has a teen problem: 73 percent of U.S. Internet users between the ages of 12 and 17 are on

Consumers 7% more likely to click on a display ad during the weekend via The Drum