Creativity: Let’s Not Be Average

in Marketing (general)

BBH Labs have what most agencies don’t….a good blog. Why? They usually say what they actually think. It’s refreshing.

Their post today covers research which looks at how successful different length formats are at shifting brand metrics upwards.

It’s worth reading in full, but the tl;dr version is that the research shows short formats (15 sec and even 6 sec video or TV ads) are just as good as longer formats (30 sec ads)………..ahhhhh, but it’s not that simple. If you actually make good 30 sec ads, rather than mediocre ones, you’ll do better.

I like it when BBH Labs point it out something obvious, a point that some others have looked past.  I like to think they are rolling their eyes while they do so.

This quote from Keith Weed, in their blog post, made me smile:

“The biggest return on investment is a great bit of creative. We spend a lot of time talking about data-led marketing and the ability to target better, and you need to do all that, but a great bit of creative will outstrip anything you do on media optimization. If you have a great bit of creative you still want to optimise media, but I think in a data-led world there is a lot of focus on that and we’re not focusing enough on the power of great creativity.”

It’s true. I’m an ex-media planner. Optimising media is a must….but it’s all a bit useless, without great creative.

And I mean….great.