Maybe I’ll write more…

in Marketing (general)

Blogging. I seem to have a love/hate relationship with it.

I go through phases of saying, with a fair amount of determination “I’m going to blog about marketing / digital regularly…really, I’m going to do it!”

Then I don’t. Life gets in the way.

It’s not just that life gets in the way though…that’s over simplifying the issue. I think it can be scary to air your opinions in such a noisy space. In the marketing and digital industries, we’re not short on people who have opinions and are happy to share them…at length.

I’ve always been a thinker. Often an overthinker, but we won’t get into my flaws at this stage. I don’t like to give opinions off the cuff, I’m a considered person who likes to weigh up opinions and data. This can mean that I’m not the best at writing a blog post about a timely debate in marketing. My perfectionism (hmmm….I said I wasn’t going to get into my flaws, didn’t I?) also means that I don’t like to give an opinion until I’m certain of it. If I’m going to do something, I try to do it to the best of my abilities.

The trouble with this,¬†is some subjects in marketing are like the sea. There isn’t a right and a wrong necessarily. I love working in this industry, it’s challenging precisely¬†because it changes fast. I’d get bored if there was a text book I could just pick up, learn from, then work like a machine to deliver the work.

So, those two parts of me fight. I’m good at what I do because I have a real passion for digital and for marketing. I keep my head down though, in terms of expressing too many opinions in public, due to my over thinking perfectionism.

In private, I love a good debate…I’m a fairly confident person who loves to challenge, to be challenged…to talk.

This is the start of me trying to do that a little more publically.

Often the best way to think through a topic or an idea is to write about it. A few people I know do this very well, so maybe I’ve been inspired by them. No maybe about it, I definitely have.

So, rather than just use this blog to post snippets of insight, stats etc……I’m going to write more. Not incredibly well thought out pieces…maybe even just rambles. Just thoughts.

Wish me luck!