Hi, I’m Ally.

For the past twenty years, I’ve worked in digital marketing. I started by running a search engine in 1997, worked at my first agency as an account exec in 1998, realised I wasn’t all that suited to be an account handler, but I was pretty damn good at online advertising/media and Search. For the next thirteen years, I planned and managed campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest brands including Heinz, MBNA, Persimmon Homes, Kellogg’s and many more…as well as building teams of specialist experts in search, online media and social media.

In 2011, I left my role as Head of Media to focus on overall digital strategy/planning and social media. Clients have included The MET Office, Ribena, Lil-ets, L’Oreal and more.

I’ve spent these years working with great people on great clients…maybe learning a little along the way too. I wouldn’t call myself an expert though. There are no digital marketing experts. As soon as you think of yourself as one, you’re finished.

This beast we love is ever evolving. The trick is to try to stay on the ride and always give your best advice.

My current role is Head of Digital Strategy & Content at Brass, where I work on strategic planning for a number of large brands and I also lead the Content Teams (Social Media, Organic Search and PR).

If you want to chat more, find me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

You can also find me at my personal style and fashion blog, Digital Diva.