The science of sharing in social media

Posted on July 31, 2012

This slideshare pres came from a handy article from Econsultancy, which gives some stats on sharing in social media from a recent Facebook conference:

  • Research from Reevoo shows that more than half of respondents (52%) said friends’ recommendations were influential, followed by consumer reviews (48%) and advertising (24%).

Brands & Sharing

Mork-Ulnes highlighted three stats around sharing branded content on Facebook:

  • 60% of people would be willing to share a product or service if given a deal/discount
  • 53% of people have used Facebook to interact with a brand
  • 36% of people liked or shared a brand page on Facebook in the last 30 days

Deals & Discounts

However the deal/discount statistic may be a bit of a red herring as Nokia’s Thomas Messett said at the same conference that giving away cheap products or discounts has no long-term benefit to the brand as people simply click ‘like’ to get something for free, therefore the engagement doesn’t actually mean anything.

That said, Mork-Ulnes provided data which indicates that fans exposed to brand content on Facebook buy more.

In tests, 2.12% of consumers that were exposed to ‘organic’ Starbucks branded content on Facebook made a purchase online or in-store compared to 1.54% who were no exposed to the content – a 38% difference.

A similar experiment using content from retailer Target found an 18% difference in favour of those who saw the content.

But not all products are necessarily impacted by social sharing – impulse buys that come at a lower cost and with minimum effort are apparently more suited to social recommendations.