Facebook testing ‘subscribe’ button on Pages

Some Facebook users are seeing a subscribe button on business pages that allows them to receive News Feed updates from a page without indicating that they “Like” it.

Facebook confirmed that it was testing the feature, which was first reported by Marketing Land. This seems to be an extension of the interest lists feature the social network launched in March. After rolling out Timeline for pages, Facebook began giving users the option to add pages to an interest list to subscribe to content without Liking the page. However, the feature is hidden in a drop down menu so it is unlikely that many users knew about it. If Facebook expands its test with the subscribe button, more users might be more likely to connect with pages this way and perhaps organize them into lists. Users can view interest lists as a separate feed or see summaries of content in News Feed.



Checking your negative feedback on Facebook

If you manage Facebook Pages, if you don’t already know about this handy little feature, take a look:

Go into Facebook Insights, export the data to a spreadsheet (either at post level or page level). A little gem called “negative feedback” stats are available on both. And the ones reported at a post level are the most helpful for tightening up your messaging.

Facebook Insight - Negative

Here, negative feedback refers to the amount of times a fan has hidden your post, or marked it as spam. You can see what specifically your fans are doing by checking out the “Lifetime Negative Feedback Users” and “Lifetime Negative Feedback from Users” tabs. Especially important is how many people are choosing to hide all of your posts based on just one – that’s the most dangerous

via This hidden Facebook page feature is key to getting your content seen.