Digital Natives More Receptive To Online Advertising, But Tougher To Please

63% of 16-24s agreed with the statement “I would rather see advertising online that is relevant to my interests”.

These findings suggest that [tweetherder]tomorrow’s advertising audience will be smarter, more likely to engage, but tougher to please[/tweetherder].

(ValueClick & IAB report)

via How the natives will shape the future of digital marketing

New larger online display formats better for building awareness

Millward Brown and the IAB have ran a study looking into some of the new larger online display formats (Billboard, Wallpaper and Half Page) against the standard ad formats (MPU, Banner, Skyscraper).

They looked at the ad format’s effect on Brand awareness, Ad awareness, Message association, Brand favourability, Purchase intent

The results weren’t that surprising. The study basically found that the larger formats are better at the start of the purchase funnel / customer journey – they are great for creating awareness.

The good old Skyscraper is still the best for aiding purchase intent though…..  go figure.