fans’s Facebook fans spend 24% more than non-fans

Cider brand Bulmers says its fans are worth £3.82 a week more than non-fans, or £198.64 per year, and ticketing company Eventbrite has worked out that a Facebook share is worth £2.25 compared to £1.80 on Twitter.

In terms of traffic, data from Hitwise shows that each new fan acquired by retailers on Facebook equates to 20 extra visits to its website over the course of the year.

Now has analysed the shopping behaviour of its Facebook fans and found that, on average, customers who had engaged with one or more of its Facebook campaigns spent 24% more on the website than customers that hadn’t.

Furthermore, shoppers that made their first purchase on referred through Facebook spent 30% more than an average customer in their first year of using the website.

via’s Facebook fans spend 24% more than non-fans | Econsultancy

The factors in the success of a brand’s Facebook page [data from Dynamic Logic]

Dynamic Logic (from Millward Brown) measure the brand impact of online advertising, lately they’ve been getting into measuring social media and what the “value of a fan” is. They have developed their own metric called ‘FanIndex’ and then look at the impact on the brand’s appeal: 

In a 2011 study, they published a few bits of aggregated data. More fans generally equals a more effective page (this ties in with my previous blog post about successful brand pages on Facebook having a greater number of heavy sharers):

Successful brand pages also post more frequently:

But, think about what you are posting – what will your fans value?

The full slideshare from Dynamic Logic: Value of a Fan.