New Global Social Platform Stats: Engagement, Demographics & Device Usage

Global Web Index’s Wave 7 previews are out and they have published a small amount of data. I found the following three slides the most interesting…

Top Three Social Networks – Engagement

The text in red is my own notes. As I expected, the % of those on Google+ that is actively posting isn’t very favourable.

Social Platform Engagement

Social Platform Demographics

Twitter is a little more male than I expected.

Social Platform Demographics

Social Platforms – Device Usage

I really didn’t expect Google+ tp be the most mobile and Twitter to be the least.

Social Platforms on Mobile

Looking forward to lots more data from Global Web Index when Wave 7 is released fully.

1/3 of UK parents consider apps to be “integral” to family life

New research shows that UK family’s are embracing apps at an incredible rate, with one-third of British parents with app-enabled devices claiming apps are now “integral” to their family life.

Of the 2,000 respondents surveyed, 75% of parents with app-enabled devices share them with their kids, while 56% have downloaded an app at the request of their child or children.

Despite the wealth of free apps available, 49% of respondents were more than happy to purchase paid-for premium apps, with many spending as much as £10 a month on family-orientated apps.

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