Twitter official infographic shows how it reaches UK users

A study by Twitter found that 80% of Twitter users access the site through their mobile, with one and three using the site during a commute, while one in four use it while shopping.

The research also found that 67% of UK mobile users of Twitter follow brands, with 25%  following over ten brands, and 45% being more likely to recommend a brand that they follow.

via Twitter unveils infographic looking at how it reaches UK users | The Drum.

Twitter Says More Than Half Its Users Follow Six Or More Brands

In a presentation at the IAB MIXX advertising conference, Twitter’s vice president of global brand strategy Joel Lunenfeld said:

[tweetherder]88% of Twitter users follow at least one brand, and that more than half of users follow six or more brands[/tweetherder]

Twitter also studied the reasons why someone follows a brand, and as you might expect, freebies and discounts are definitely a factor. But according to Lunenfeld, people also said they were interested in getting access to exclusive or promotional content.

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The factors in the success of a brand’s Facebook page [data from Dynamic Logic]

Dynamic Logic (from Millward Brown) measure the brand impact of online advertising, lately they’ve been getting into measuring social media and what the “value of a fan” is. They have developed their own metric called ‘FanIndex’ and then look at the impact on the brand’s appeal: 

In a 2011 study, they published a few bits of aggregated data. More fans generally equals a more effective page (this ties in with my previous blog post about successful brand pages on Facebook having a greater number of heavy sharers):

Successful brand pages also post more frequently:

But, think about what you are posting – what will your fans value?

The full slideshare from Dynamic Logic: Value of a Fan.