Six Brand Advocate Archetypes [infographic]

Brand advocacy is defined as the activation of people who are, or could be, passionate enough to engage on behalf of the brand and ultimately expand the customer base.

Dachis Group have tracked the social activity of 30,000 brands and 248,000 advocates, and say that while advocates make up only .001% of a brand’s social subscribers, they’re responsible for 5.3% of a brand’s total signal and for starting 8.3% of all company related discussions.

Advocates vary in behaviour, influences and motivations, just as much as the customers they influence. Dachis Group have categorised them into six groups:

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Top Performing Facebook Brand Pages Have More Heavy ‘Sharers’

Wildfire recently ran a study across 10,000 Facebook campaigns and then looked at the top 10% in terms of performance (which came from nearly 700 brands) to see what were the factors in their success.

It turns out that the top-performing brand pages have a higher percentage of fans that are considered to be ‘sharers’. This is exactly a revelation!…but the graphs are still interesting:

How Heavy Sharers Boost Facebook Pages - eMarketer

When a user sees lots of activity happening on a brand page, it is attractive and makes them want to get involved, Wildfire found.

How Heavy Sharers Boost Facebook Pages - eMarketer

One way brands can boost fan growth and engagement is by finding their advocates and super fans, and then determining what type of content actually gets them engaged with the brand page. In its study, Wildfire encouraged companies to run multiple engagement applications simultaneously, use clear calls-to-action, post images and leverage multiple social platforms in order to help achieve that goal.

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