Mobile Marketing

56% don’t sign up to a mobile app because of long registration

Brands risk losing customers as a result of poor mobile engagement. Research from Foolproof’s ‘Going Mobile’ study has found that 56% wouldn’t sign up to an app if it had a long registration, while 49% stopped using a

IKEA make their catalogue more engaging with the help of the smartphone

The IKEA catalogue. More published than the Bible apparently. First published in 1951, it now has a run of over 200 million per annum. It has a ‘shelf life’ of about 2 weeks,  so IKEA wanted

Mobile Video Apps – The Next Big Thing?

Nice little pres about mobile video apps – I’ve downloaded Viddy and Tout…

The UK loves SMS

Accord­ing to Ofcom, aver­age SMS use is increas­ing for both pre-pay and post-pay users. A study by Acision has ques­tioned 2,000 respon­dents in the UK. In terms of gen­der dif­fer­ences, the study found that men text a larg­er num­ber

1/3 of UK parents consider apps to be “integral” to family life

New research shows that UK family’s are embracing apps at an incredible rate, with one-third of British parents with app-enabled devices claiming apps are now “integral” to their family life. Of the 2,000 respondents surveyed,